Breakz is a record label and a publishing company created in 2006 for the love of jazz and fusion.


Michel Ferret


Jazz record & electronic music producer. He is a legal expert, administrator and teacher.

He is also a former collaborator of Double H Productions (Cut Killer, Dee Nasty...) and Uwe (Manu Le Malin, Astropolis, Birdy Nam Nam...) record labels. He is the co-founder and coordinator of Breakz and DTC Records.


Dume Poutet


Dominique “Dume” Poutet a.k.a. Otisto 23 is a pianist with an educational background in classical music. He chose to become a professional sound engineer.

His experience of electro-instrumental fusion led him to participate to numerous projects in France (with Laurent de Wilde, Guillaume Perret, Gaël Horellou...) and abroad (Ti'Fock, Arambol Experience, Hos Hayas...).

Dume also offers training courses in Computed Assisted Composition (CIFAP, IRCAM, Cours Florent Musique…). He is an Ableton Live certified trainer.

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