Guillaume Perret


Electric saxophones, effects, composition.

A saxophone, the desire to unravel a new kind of sound. Guillaume Perret is a sound explorer. He plays the wa-wa pedals and electric effects to elevate his notes to a new and surprising universe, one that makes you dream, distorting sounds to make them strangely more musical.

His music doesn’t belong to a specific genre, rather it calls upon our senses.

Philippe Bussonnet


Electric bass, effects.

Since 1996, Philippe Bussonnet has been a member of the unmissable “Magma” ensemble from Christian Vander. He is pretty much active on jazz, rock, rhythm’n’blues and electro-jazz scenes (NHX, Laurent de Wilde, Fillet of Soul “Tassel & Naturel”, Olivier Temime “Volunteered Slaves”, N’Toumos, Patrick Gauthier…). He is also one of the founding members of the band One Shot with Emmanuel Borghi, James Mac Gaw and Danie Jeand’heur.

His talent and his acute sense of sound make him a major bass player on the jazz fusion scene.

Yoann Serra


Drums, sampler.

This Nice-born drummer is both a jazz genius and a master of the fusion genre. He made a name for himself with his participation into ONJ with Daniel Yvinec.

He has been taking part in numerous projects : Collectif Mu, NHX, David Reinhardt, François Chassagnite Quartet, Pacific Trio with François Gallix, Christian Escoudé Big Band, Jazz Modernistick with Bibi Rovère, Christian Vander’s “Offering”, as part of a trio with Jean-Marie Ecay and Manuel Marchès, Emanuele Cisi Quartet, Elégantes Machines with Francis Lassus.

Jim Grandcamp


Electric guitar, effets.

With an educational background in classical music, Jim Grandcamp is very active on the French jazz and rock scene. He played with Jannick Top, Eric Le Lann, Eric Serra, Magma, Etienne M’Bappé, Grégory Ott, Biréli Lagrène, Hadrien Féraud, Richard Bohringer, Tcheky Karyo, Mokhtar Samba, Habib Faye, Lisa Doby… In addition, he composes for the Visual Arts and won the Award for Best Music at the 48 Hour Film Project.

Jim Grandcamp also took part into the recording of the original soundtrack for the films “Angel-A” and “Bandidas” from Luc Besson.