Gael Horellou


Alto saxophone, composition, arrangements.

Revealed in the Mu collective in Mâcon in the Nineties. His involvement in electro-jazz fusion (Laurent de Wilde, NHX, Cosmik Connection ...) does not prevent him from establishing himself as a musician and composer of the hexagonal jazz scene.

« Gaël Horellou is one of the most creative improvisers of the last ten years. »
Guillaume Bregeras – Jazzman

Florent Gac



Born in 1978, he regularly accompanied guitarists David Reinhardt, Hugo Lippi and Gildas Boclé. He has been present on the jazz scene since 2000, his style is inspired as much by the young generation (Larry Goldings, Sam Yahel ...) as by the masters of the Hammond (Jimmy Smith, Larry Young, Jack MacDuff ...).

Nicolas Beaulieu



Eclectic musician, he left Reunion in 2002 to follow the teachings of the Music Academy International (Nancy) of which he will leave major in jazz. He later became the first guitarist to obtain the Gold Medal of Jazz at the National Conservatory of Reunion. He spent a lot of time between Reunion, the metropolis and Germany, where he developed numerous merger projects (Ninjazz Qtet, Nice Place Quintet, Kolamaya trio ...).

In 2010, he returned to Réunion to settle there. (Gael Horellou, Francois Jeanneau, Simon Goubert, Didyé Ker Grain, Antoine Hervé, Iza, Bernard Brancard, Bastèr, and many other artists, including Walto Qtet, Moïse Ichama Group and Professor Jah Pinpin New Qtet. , Natacha Tortillard, Ticok Vellaye, Frédéric Joron ...).

Vincent Phileas


Percussions, voice.

A must-have musician on the Island, he has been a pupil of Nicolas Moucazambo and has played for many years with Danyèl Waro. He also accompanied Tiloun and played and recorded with Christine Salem, Moriarty, Iza, Les Mariunes...

Since 2014, he is professor of percussion at the CRR of Reunion Island.

Jerôme Calcine


Percussions, voice.

Jérôme has a passion for mixed music, combining jazz with "world" sounds. Its particularity is to associate the drum "rolled" of Reunion, the Cuban congas, the eastern derbouka, the "cajon" Peruvian as well as the chimes accessories, the triangle and the kayamb. He collaborated with Matt Garrison, "El Negro" Hernandez, Dominique Di Piazza, Mokhtar Samba, Holanda Hamilton, Meddy Gerville, Michel Alibo ...

In the Reunion island, he is regularly solicited by Teddy Baptiste, Stéphanie Thazard, Dominique Barret, Tikok Vellaye, Soulpack Orchestra, JF Gang, Bastien Picot, Davy Sicard, Fabrice Legros, Meddy Gerville, Alex Sorres...

Emmanuel Felicite


Percussions, voice.

Born in 1989, Emmanuel is a bulimic of rhythms, work and musical experiences. With the sincerity and authenticity that characterize him, he sails between jazz and mixed music and represents a generation of open and curious musicians, with an appetite and a heart as big as that!

As a youngster, he participated in the creation of the "Tambours du Port" and accompanied the accordionist Régis Lacaille when he was only 14 years old. He then multiplied the collaborations by continuously broadening his musical spectrum, including Anne Kane, Philippe Rivere, Jean-Pierre Joséphine, Gilbert Barcaville, Luçay Canon, Matthieu Brillant, Olivier Lauret, David Saman, Didyé Kérgrin, Koulèr Gadyamb, Meddy Gerville, Alain Caron, Antoine Hervé…